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Animations using Flash and other software
Checkout the cartooning and animation books in my booklist section, where I have started to talk about the books that I find useful.

Also there is a new area of the site, dedicated to cartooning, this will have some mini tutorials on drawing with Flash.
KoolMoves Animation
Here is something from Koolmoves. I have been telling students about this software for ages, and at last here is a sample. I decided to base it on the bouncing ball, which is one of the first animations that beginners usually learn, as it contains many of the basics of good animation, e.g. stretch and squash, exaggeration etc. Koolmoves is a very reasonably priced alternative to Flash. Find out more on the Koolmoves web site
Cutout Animation Tutorial
When you think about it, if you only use motion tweens and don't do any scaling, then you are basically using a digital version of cut-out animation. So why not use a program like Flash, you can manually move items a frame at a time, or get the software to do some of the tedious work for you. Have a look at how I created this cutout animation style clip
ToonBoom Studio

The above animation was created with a program called Toon Boom Studio. It can export Flash files and various movie formats. It is clearly developed with the traditional animator in mind, as it mimics many traditional tools.

One of the major advantages of this program is that it has a virtual camera, this makes it very easy to pan and zoom around your animation (notice that the camera rotates and tracks out in the above clip), this is a lot harder to achieve with Macromedia Flash.

The other great thing with ToonBoom is that you can actually place and move elements of your scene or the camera in 3D space, in the above scene the camera is moving backwards rather than zooming.

More information and trial versions from