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Some of my favourite books
I have decided to start listing some of the books that I use, together with a few comments on each. Check out the categories on the right -->

Where applicable, each book has a link to Amazon in the USA, Amazon in the UK and Fishpond in Australia. This will let you quickly check the availability and price at Amazon or Fishpond. You can see reviews by other people who have bought the book. In many cases, at Amazon, you can check out sample pages from inside the book.
Drawing Cartoons That Sell
Cartoon That Sell

This is a great little book, even if you don't want to make a living from cartooning. It has lots of advice on how to get started, even if you feel that your drawing skills aren't good enough.

Apart from lessons on drawing, it offers advice on materials, creating your own style, how to come up with original ideas, comic strips, marketing and how to turn a hobby into a career.

This is one of the books that I always turn to when I am feeling stuck for ideas, as it reminds me how to go about creating them.

More details at Amazon USA
More details at Amazon UK
My Drawing Desk
my desk

Here are most of my art books, though there are usually a few scattered around the house in various locations.