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I am by no means a professional cartoonist, but I have managed to get the odd piece or two printed in some local publications. I am learning all of the time, and I thought that I would share some of these learning experiences through these pages. Check out some of the books that I use in my cartooning booklist

To kick things off, here is a short tutorial from a series that I am in the process of creating. These have been designed for use in class where students may ask questions if they get stuck, but as long as you know the basics of drawing and modifying graphics with Flash, you shouldn't have any problem.

Note this lesson was created with Flash 3 which only had a few tools, so some of the methods used can be done differently in later versions of Flash. Actually I still use this version a lot even now, as it has all of the tools that I need, for most tasks, and I can run it from a USB Thumbdrive

Drawing by modifying basic shapes - Lesson 01