I put this kit together so that I have an easy to carry sketching set. I have been wanting to get out and about sketching for ages but in the past I have tended to go overboard, filling a large bag with all sorts of drawing and painting gear (just in case I needed it), sketchbooks in two or three sizes, lugging it around all day and not really doing any sketching as I couldn't decide what to use. Actually a lot of the time I found I was just leaving it in the car.

This new kit is looped on my belt and I hardly notice that I am carrying it, yet I can create pencil sketches, ink sketches, watercolour sketches or any combination of these. The tree on the sketchbook is pencil with watercolour wash.


Korjo Travel Pouch
These are available at travel goods stores, most bag shops, and many other outlets. They are actually designed for keeping your passport and other travel documents hidden under your shirt and come with a neck strap. The one I am using I actually bought to hold my Sharp ZR5800 organiser and spare batteries, This made it too heavy to wear around my neck so I removed the cord and threaded it onto my belt. Now I need to get another one

A6 Cartridge Sketchbook
Nothing special here, just a plain sketchbook from the newsagents. I have discovered that when using the Aquash brush with the watercolours, you are using a lot less water than you normally would. Therefore you can add colours to a normal sketchbook without the paper cockling.

Water Refill
Not that I have had to use this yet, it is quite amazing how long the water in the brush lasts for. This handy little bottle originated in an audio cassette tape cleaning kit. After the cleaning fluid had gone I decided not to throw it away in case it came in handy (although I couldn't think what on earth for at the time). Anyway, unless you are a hoarder like me you will need to find a really small watertight bottle with a small spout.

Pentel Aquash Brush
These are marvelous. I got my first one in a Pentel Aquash Sketching Set, which contained the brush, some water soluble crayons, a sharpener and a cleaning sponge. I spotted another one in the newsagents one day and snapped it up for in my watercolour pencil box. To get yours, if you can't find one locally, just do a web search for "Pentel Aquash Brush"

Cotman Sketchers Pocket Box
I found this on special at my local art shop and snapped it up, even though I have a few watercolour sets, this is a lot smaller than any of them and was just what I was looking for as part of my compact sketching kit. It even came with a little folding brush, although I haven't used it as the Pentel brush does all that I need.

The Stylepen
This is just a stubby fat fountain pen, that I find really comfortable to hold. It uses universal ink cartridges and there is room for a spare cartridge in the pen body

The Staedtler 0.9mm pencil is my long time favourite and I use it with 2B leads. I spotted the Faber-Castell the other day in the Post Office and was rather intrigued by the fact that it has automatic lead advance, so I had to buy one to try it out, it was only AU$1.95 for the pencil with a dozen refill leads (0.7mm 2B)

Pentel Click Eraser
Or whatever suits you. I just find this the most convenient way to carry an eraser.

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