New Building
Maroochydore IT section has moved to the Mooloolaba campus. We have a brand new building with brand new equipment, and of course teething problems, but once everything is sorted out it will be great.
A few people have asked where the heck is Maroochydore?
It is located on The Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia. To find out more have a look at The Sunshine Coast tourist information web page
Oh by the way, Mooloolaba is just a few miles up the coast from Maroochydore.
Site Revamp
Actually, many of you will have never seen my old site, as it was only intended for students undertaking my multimedia classes at Maroochydore TAFE. However some of my students have persuaded me to make this available more widely.

I think that their logic is "Why should we be the only ones to suffer?

So here it is. I hope you enjoy your visit


Fishpond Australia
600 x 120 skyscraper
Latest Computer Graphic News From CGIndia

March 15, 2012
My ISP has advised me that there will be maintenance happening on the server that hosts my site. There may be short periods when my site is unavailable. Here are the times and dates when this may occur.

Tuesday 20th of March, between 8:00PM - 9:30PM EST. Expected maintenance window: Up to 15 Minutes.

February 26, 2012
My ISP has advised me that there will be maintenance happening on the server that hosts my site. There may be short periods when my site is unavailable. Here are the times and dates when this may occur.

Tuesday 28th of February, 11AM EST. Expected maintenance window: Up to 60 Minutes.

Tuesday 6th of March, 11AM EST. Expected maintenance window: Up to 60 Minutes.

November 10, 2011

Well I haven't been here much recently, the reason being that I finally got around to buying an iPad2. I have been having a great time seeing just what was possible on this little tablet, and I am very impressed.

I have now created a blog where I am displaying some of my iPad creations. Link just below

Visit Alanti's iPad Blog

I hope you can spare a moment to have a look

April 26, 2011

And now I have added a couple more images to the Blender 3D Gallery. These images were created using the new Blender 2.57a, which is now officially out of beta.

March 19, 2011

Just added a new image to my Blender 3D Gallery. The image was created using the new Blender 2.56, which is very close to coming out of beta.

October 23, 2010

My images are now available from Zazzle in Australia, click here to have a look

Those of you in the UK can also get them locally, visit the UK store

Of course in the USA you still go to, Zazzle.Com

When I first started with Zazzle, they were only in the US and only did posters, but now they have a wider range of products and they are also in many countries, so I will be adding new stuff and increasing the range of goods available. Watch this space.

In the meantime, if there is anything particular you would like to have available send me an e-mail

August 7, 2010

I have switched to PSPad for editing the pages. I really liked the autocomplete in NetBeans, but it was not really designed for working with web pages and didn't really handle a web based project very well.

PSPad is very good at dealing with a web project even if its FTP support is very minimal. The biggest advantage that it has for me is the fact that it can be run from a USB thumbdrive. I now have a completeley portable set up for working with web pages.

To overcome the weak FTP support in PSPad, I have added portable versions of FileZilla and WinSCP. Portable Gimp gives me image editing, and Toucan lets me create backups to whichever computer I happen to be working on. PSPad has good CSS support but I am also playing with Oiko CSS, yes another portable application.

For previewing the pages, I have portable versions of FireFox, Opera, SeaMonkey and Google Chrome, plus of course most host computers have IE installed. I also have a portable web host (UniServer) installed, for checking any server side scripting etc.

July 27, 2010

Once again I have moved to a different development tool. For ages I have been wanting to update my site to use CSS instead of tables for layout. I actually did the home page months ago using Expression. It took ages and I wasn't getting a grasp of how the CSS worked

I played around with a few HTML editors and I think I have settled for NetBeans. I created a new stylesheet for the site and a basic template page. I decided to use the news page to try them out and this is the result

I have also modified the colours slightly. Somehow I managed to get the page to be W3C compatible, it was very pleasing when the page validated. I must say that I certainly do not miss all of those table tags. I think that it was only dealing with all of the nested tables that was forcing me to stay with a wysywig editor

I am finding it very easy to add content to the page with a HTML editor, (now that I have the stylesheet worked out. The reason I am using NetBeans is that it appears to have the best auto complete of all the editors that I have tried. And of course it is free

July 11, 2010
Have just transferred the site from Dreamweaver to Expression Web. This is just a test to see if synchronisation works ok. I have never been happy with Dreamweaver since Adobe got their hands on it. If this works as I think it will, I will be able to get rid of Dreamweaver from my hard drive
May 30, 2010
I upgraded to the latest Xara Design Pro 6 the other day and have been playing with some of the new features, it is a terrific program. Anyway there is a new image in the Xara Gallery
September 14, 2008
A few days back I bought a copy of Painter X. After a few days of exploring the new features I decided to create a new image with it. The result can be seen in the Painter Gallery
September 6, 2008
I have recently been playing around with creating some new strokes in Expression. I drew a building using these new strokes a while back and I have finally got around to uploading it to the Expression Gallery
June 20, 2008
Tomorrow is World Wide SketchCrawl #19. Get more details here on the the sketchcrawl website
December 23, 2007
I have just been doing a bit of 3D modelling and have just added 3 new images to the Blender 3D Gallery
November 4, 2007
Just added an old/new image to the Miscellaneous Gallery