HTML5 Cheat Sheet
As I am now retired from teaching, I am not really doing much work on this site, but I am leaving it active while the stats show that it is still being used.

However, I recently received an email from a Matt Banner, with a link to his HTML5 Cheat Sheet, which looks very handy. It is also available as a PDF download. Here is a link to the page HTML5 Cheat Sheet
Let me point out that this section of the web site was designed for students, attending multimedia classes at Mooloolaba TAFE, but anybody is welcome here. However, as this material is designed to supplement the class instruction, it may appear a bit sparse in places.

If you have been creating web pages for any length of time, then you will know what we are covering here and you will probably have already found the web sites that we link to. However you may know somebody that is looking for a site with basic information, if so please let them know about this site.

If you happen to find something that helps you in some way, that is good. If you let me know that you have found something useful (either by sending me an e-mail or leaving a comment in the guest book) that is a bonus for me.

I have only been using the Internet for a relatively short period, but I have found it invaluable as a source of information, and for finding solutions to problems. I am hoping to repay the help that I have had by providing help for others.

Anyway follow the links on the right hand side of this page for information on web design, enjoy your visit and come back soon.

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Site update in progress
Please be aware that this website is currently being overhauled and updated. This will mean that any statistics shown will be out of date, and there could be a some broken links. These will be attended to ASAP